GW300FD Hang/Restart


Micro USB
GSM Multi 3.0


1. DL GSMMULTI. v3.0 Tools - free file sharing and storage

2. DL Firmware GW300 - free file sharing and storage

1. Download & Extract LG GW300 Flasher
2. Execute / Install SETUP_GSMULTI_V30, and then C:\GSMULTI folder will be created.
3. Find MultiGSM_V30.exe on C:\GSMULTI folder, then right click, send to desktop
4. Execute / Install Setup_USB_PortMapping_04.exe, and the result will be stored in C:\GSMULTI\UsbDrivers\MTK
5. Connect phone ( in power off condition ) to PC via Usb data cable, wait until detected by PC
6. When PC asking for driver, go to C:\GSMULTI\UsbDrivers\MTK, wait until driver installed
7. Open MultiGSM_V30.exe ( at desktop ), go to Tab Setting ==> Configuration. For DLL, choose GW300_090625.dll at LG GW300 Flasher folder, for S/W file choose LG GW300 Firmware.
8. Final step, just click on START button and wait untill all Process Completed.